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About the Quiz

Oh My God...

I studied Thai for Years, but I Flunked the Quiz!

This little quiz should give you a rough idea about how well you understand the most rudimentary elements of Thai. The test is in English and requires no Thai reading abilities. It is primarily a test of your Thai listening skills. The test consist of ten questions. All of the questions can be answered regardless of how you learned Thai, but if you have studied Chapter 1 of the Thai Language Course Software, you would probably score a lot better.

What Your Score Means

If You Scored A Perfect 10...

If you answered correctly to all ten questions, your ability to understand basic Thai is pretty good. Congratulations. You probably don't need to study Chapter 1. For a real challenge, try Chapter 18 - High Technology.

8 or 9 Correct Answers, 1 or 2 Wrong

This is also a decent showing. It means that however you learned Thai in the past, it was fairly effective. You might do a bit of remedial tone practice, but you are already prepared for more advanced learning. If you have not learned to read and write Thai, you might want to try Chapter 17 Writing Thai.

6 or 7 Correct Answers, 3 or 4 Wrong

You are beginning to break the tone barrier. Keep plugging away, sooner or later it will stick. If you practiced the tone drills in Chapter 1 a few times, your listening skills would improve dramatically.

5 or Fewer Correct Answers, 5 or More Wrong

Your brain is almost ready to allow the entry of tones, but not quite yet. There is resistance. Perhaps focusing on the contrast between only two tones (rising and falling, for example) might clear the blocked path.

4 or Fewer Correct Answers, 6 or More Wrong

Sorry, either you have never studied Thai or your past efforts were ineffective. If you have tried to learn before, your learning method might have been inadequate. Clearly, you need more effective Thai listening practice.
Chapter 1 of Thai Language Course is highly recommended.

The secret to learning Thai is to practice tone pronunciation. Drill, baby, Drill!

Thai Language Quiz

ความ เข้า ใจ
kwahm kôw-jai
1. How do you say "Can you speak"?
a. lék yài lék yài
b. dtàwp koon láeo
c. máh mâi mah
d. pôot dâi măi
2. "Chăn mah jàhk" means:
a. He goes to
b. I come from
c. He comes from
d. They go to
a. Translation:
The dog is not near.
b. Translation:
The dog is not far.
c. Translation:
The horse is not far.
d. Translation:
The horse is near.
4. The word meaning "near" has which tone?

m4a ogg mp3
a. sĕeang săhman
b. sĕeang jut-dta-wah
c. sĕeang dtree
d. sĕeang toh
e. sĕeang èk
a. Translation:
The horse is near.
b. Translation:
The dog is far.
c. Translation:
The dog is near.
d. Translation:
The horse is far.
6. An idiom meaning to be unable to sleep.
a. kĕean mâi dâi
b. nawn mâi lùp
c. mow mâi kùp
d. nawn lùp dâi
7. The word meaning "rice" or food in general is transliterated as:

m4a ogg mp3
a. kàao ข่าว
b. kôw เข้า
c. kâao ข้าว
d. kăao ขาว
8. The word meaning "he, she, or they" has which tone?

m4a ogg mp3
a. sĕeang toh
b. sĕeang săhman
c. sĕeang jut-dta-wah
d. sĕeang dtree
e. sĕeang èk
a. Translation:
The dog will come.
b. Translation:
The horse comes.
c. Translation:
The horse will come.
d. Translation:
The dog has come.
10. The verb meaning "to come" has which tone?

m4a ogg mp3
a. sĕeang dtree
b. sĕeang săhman
c. sĕeang jut-dta-wah
d. sĕeang toh
e. sĕeang èk

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