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Resources for Learning Thai

A Resource Comparison Chart

Comments Audio + Video Number of Pages Price
1 Thai Language Course
Software Program

Published by
The most effective material for learning to speak Thai, with excellent chapters on grammar and learning to write. Has quizzes and flashcards, strong emphasis on Thai tones. Audio ✔Yes
Video ✔Yes
Software - Includes 7,000 Audio & Video Clips

Option to print over 900 pages,
18 Chapters
2 Thai for Beginners
Benjawan Becker
Provides a basic overview. Transliteration uses the IPA. Your time might be better spent learing the Thai script. If you want to learn to speak, you will need the audio CD (sold separateley). No Audio
No Video
Paperback 262 pages $12.95
3 Thai for Beginners
Audio CD
Paiboon - Benjawan Becker
The audio CD follows the book. Audio ✔Yes
No Video
Only Audio, the book is sold seperately. $20.00
3 Thai-English English-Thai Talking Dictionary for Windows PCs
The website of Computer Wizzard Chris Pirazzi
Superior to any other Thai dictionary on the market. Its usefulness results from the capacity to click on a word and hear the sound, as many times as you like. Transliteration uses the IPA and includes TigerPressThai trasliteration. Audio ✔Yes
No Video
Computer Software $32.95
4 Thai Reference Grammar
James Higbie
Best resource available for learning Thai grammar. Excellent! No Audio
No Video
Paperback 443 pages $28.47
5 Linguaphone Thai Complete CD Course You could learn Thai from this, but only if you are English. British material often uses the "r" to make a long vowel, rendering the sound non-sensical for North Americans, as well as the Thais, who must speculate as to what you are trying to say. A price-quality comparison with other materials makes this a dubious choice. Audio ✔Yes
8 audio CDs
No Video
A 248 page textbook – contains the printed and illustrated transcription of the CD recordings and a 296 page handbook £209 ~ $338
6 L-Lingo Professional
I have not used it. Others who have, say it is pretty good. Audio ✔Yes
No Video
105 lessons, Textbook to print-out USD 49.95
7 A.U.A. Language Center Thai Course, Book 1
J. Marvin Brown
The A.U.A books are old but quite useful. The practice drills are excellent. Transliteration uses the IPA. As with the Paiboon material, time spent learning the IPA might be better spent learning Thai script. No Audio
audio tapes, available separately
No Video
267 pages $22.00
8 Practical Thai Conversation DVD Vol. 1
Paiboon Publishing - Benjawan Becker
Ok, as compared with other conventional DVDs. You will need the booklet in one hand as you fumble with the other hand to re-wind the DVD back to the right spot. (Learning to speak Thai requires repetition ad nauseam.) Audio ✔Yes
Video ✔Yes
Booklet - 65 pages $15.00
9 Mango Passport Thai - Journey 1 audio lessons
by Mango Languages
software download
I haven't used it, but at $79 for a 497.0 MB download, it appears to be way overpriced, with very little content. Audio ✔Yes

Video ✔Yes
none $79.00
10 Thai, Conversational: Learn to Speak and Understand Thai with Pimsleur Language Programs (Pimsleur Instant Conversation)
I avoid the big corporate stuff like the plague. Anything called "instant" has got to be a rip-off. Their advertising says "No mindless repetition!" -- No sir, I can not recommend this. Mindless repetition is good, good, good! Audio ✔Yes
No Video
Completely Audio $30.69
11 Complete Thai with Two Audio CDs: A Teach Yourself Guide
by David Smyth
I haven't used it, reviews are mixed. It appears to be a good value. Audio ✔Yes
Two Audio CDs
No Video
Paperback 300+ pages $26.26
Anything else that should be added to this list?
Thai Language Course |Learn Thai Love Phrases|TigerPressThai

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Updated on December 8, 2019.